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The first Abolitionists were the first Christians. Though they did not employ the term “Abolitionist,” the earliest followers of Christ certainly engaged in the work of “removing grave evils.” As they spread out in the ancient world proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, they consistently set themselves in bold opposition to their culture’s widespread practices of bloodsport, infanticide, child-abandonment, and abortion.

They rescued discarded babies from the trash heaps and river ways of Rome. They set up orphanages and hospitals. They tore down infanticide shrines and drove out abortionist guilds. They petitioned their rulers to outlaw their culture’s acceptable forms of child-sacrifice. And they succeeded.

Everywhere they went they brought the light of the Gospel to those dwelling in darkness. From the brothels to slave-markets, to demonic killing-centers and to the high-places which protected these practices, these “abolitionists” replaced their culture’s “way of death” with the “way of life” they were instructed to walk in by their risen Lord. Everywhere these Christians went, they did not cease from teaching that Jesus had risen from the dead and that he had the power to forgive sinners (Acts 5:42). And in everything these Christians did, they demonstrated the new life they found in Him, and lived according to His teachings before the watching world.

They focused on teaching people to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds, and to love their neighbors as themselves. They brought the Gospel of Life into Conflict with the Culture of Death.

We see this in the oldest known Christian catechism, the Didache (2nd century A.D.). As the Didache begins, “there are two ways, one of life and one of death; and between the two ways there is a great difference.” The document contrasts the world’s system of morality and its treatment of human beings with the teachings of the Apostles, and demonstrates how a man-centered way of life leads to death, and a Christ-centered way of life leads to life and joy eternal.

As history records, these Christians spread their message and its corresponding way of life so thoroughly that it led to the abolition of abortion, infanticide, child-abandonment, gladiator games, and many other dehumanizing practices engrained in ancient pagan culture.


The British abolitionist movement against slavery began in the late 18th century, when a small group of men and women were awakened to the horrific injustice of slavery embedded in their culture. The vast majority of these people were devout, evangelical, Bible-believing Christians, products of the First Great Awakening and revival of “Vital Christianity.” Identifying themselves as “Abolitionists,” these brave men and women stood up in a vice-laden, morally apathetic culture and declared that any nation practicing slavery, and any church turning a blind eye to it, was in blatant violation of the laws of God, and the commandment of Christ to love one’s neighbor!
Wilberforce Quote poster

They decried slavery as an offense to the Dignity of man and AN abominable sin against God

Abolitionists considered themselves guilty for living among a people that practiced such iniquity. They believed Britain’s participation in the African Slave Trade was a “national sin” leading to the moral degeneracy of their entire culture. Most Britons, even those who “personally” opposed slavery, just wanted to live out their comfortable lives and ignore the fact that their neighbors and fellow image bearers of God were being stolen from their land, traded like property, and worked to death like animals.

In order to wake up their culture to the horrors of the slave trade, they established local societies, and tirelessly engaged in the work of exposing evils and helping those caught up in its oppression. They warred against the “slave power” on a daily basis. They petitioned their leaders, boycotted slave-produced products, and called on the citizens of their country, especially those who professed to follow Christ, to denounce the sin of slavery and join in the work of abolition. If Christians held a belief to be true, such as the belief that Africans were men and brothers, and made in the image of God, they needed to be encouraged to act upon that belief. As William Wilberforce, the leader of the Parliamentary assault upon the slave trade said,
“A private faith that did not act in the face of oppression was no faith at all.”

The British abolitionists focused on waking up the church and people of good will. They sough to converting the masses to what Wilberforce called “True Christianity.” A reformation of biblical Christianity and ethics was key to abolishing any evil, in any society. This is why Wilberforce wrote a book at the height of the campaign against slavery exposing and admonishing the fake Christianity so prevalent in British culture. Indeed! the men and women who made the word “Abolitionist” famous understood themselves as “true” Christians who lived out their faith consistently in a culture that treated God’s image bearers, and their neighbors, like animals instead of men.


Though the British Abolitionists succeeded in removing the evil of slavery from their nation in 1833, their inability to abolish it completely before the Revolutionary War with America left “chattel slavery” alive and well in the new nation.


Like the British, they formed numerous local Abolitionist Societies that spread across the North and the South, engaging in “tract warfare” against the pro-slavery misinformation created by the “peculiar institution’s” apologists. The conversion of the churches to the cause of abolition was the first and most persistently pursued goal of their movement.

EVEN MORE BOLDLY than their British Counterparts, the American Abolitionists denounced Southern slavery, and the North’s complicity in it, as “the epitome of SIN!” They condemned the act of “turning a man into a chattel” as entirely contradictory to the Old Testament’s prescriptions regarding human servitude, and to the New Testament’s spiritual instruction to both masters and slaves. They declared every slave holder to be a “man-stealer” and argued that every man-stealer was guilty of a “capital crime” according to the Law of God (Ex 21:16). They charged every church that did not discipline slave holders in their congregations to be “recreant to their posts,” and warned the nation that the preservation of human slavery would lead the nation into Civil War.

The cry of these reformers was that Slavery was A NATIONAL SIN and that THEIR ENTIRE culture WAS GUILTY of it.

The Abolitionists demonstrated the utter inconsistency of the slave system in America with the teachings of Christ. They believed the Bible’s claim that all men possessed the image of God was “a death-blow to all claims of superiority, to all charges of inferiority, to all usurpation, to all oppressive dominion.” Slavery turned men into beasts of one kind, and slave-owners into beasts of another. It ripped families into pieces, and fostered all manner of licentiousness, violence, and vice. Slavery was a product of the “way of death,” and the American Abolitionists were determined to bring it into conflict with true, “practical Christianity.” In doing this, they turned their world upside down.

History Repeats Miller quoteCURRENT ABOLITIONISM

The principal focus of abolitionists today is the legalized practice of human abortion. Believing that abortion is the most vicious act of dehumanization, spiritual oppression, and physical destruction being carried out in our world today, we are once again seeking to provoke a clash of world-views between the Gospel of Christ and the worldly wisdom of man. By bringing today’s culture of death into conflict with vital Christianity, we are seeking to create a broad culture of dissent which will lead to the abolition of legalized child-sacrifice in America.

We do not believe that the planned-and-paid-for-murder of any unborn human being is ever morally justified.

Abortion is never the right choice, never the only option, and never the best solution to any situation. Every abortion that occurs ends the life of a child who has been abandoned by their father, betrayed by their mother, and forsaken by our society. In this way, abortion is an affront to God and a violation of his law. To do nothing about it is a failure to obey Christ’s command that we love our neighbors.


Jesus Christ called us to care for the weakest members of our society, not abandon them to destruction. Undoubtedly, this includes the children killed by abortion. Children conceived in rape and incest deserve our protection and adoption. Children diagnosed with serious developmental abnormalities deserve our compassion and assistance. We are to care for the fatherless and the infirm, not abandon them to violence at the hands of well-paid strangers.

We are once again seeking the redemption of man from the dominion of man.

Mothers and fathers do not own their pre-born children like property, and have no right to determine whether they live or die. In the manner of earlier abolitionists, we are calling on our culture to Repent! Abortion is sin and we are all guilty of participating in its continued cultural prevalence.


Abolitionists of slavery sought to persuade the culture at large, and engage people wherever they might be found. Many would take to the streets and marketplaces with the message of immediate emancipation for slaves, and warned others of God, His judgment, and the deliverance from sin that can only come by the power of the gospel. To the abolitionists of old, slavery was sin, and therefore, the only proper and good response when face-to-face with such an atrocity was immediate repentance by a nation overflowing with the blood of the innocent. With great persistence they would appeal to the conscience of men and women across our land, using various forms of communication. Some would not only approach others anywhere on the street, but they would also write extensive defenses for the rights of the slave. In newspapers, bulletins, flyers, hand-bills, and posters, they spread the truth of what was taking place in their community, opening the eyes of  others to the great oppression taking place nearby. Pictures of slaves on the auction block and slave ship diagrams were a common occurrence in their writings, depicting the terrible and often gruesome circumstances slaves were forced to be in. Since slavery had effected all of the nation, there existed not a square inch of territory which was off limits from their attempts of moral suasion. As abolitionists living in a culture that practices child sacrifice, we similarly use a variety of means in order to shine light on the evil of our age, abortion.


Many abolitionists have been using Facebook to facilitate abolitionism among their friends, family, and the culture around them. It has been a great forum to provide information to a large number of people, and dialogue with them regarding the current state of affairs in our nation, state, and city. Posting statuses about the apathy of the church, or the failed strategies of the pro-life movement have led to very fruitful conversations, where others feel encouraged to love and good deeds. You can also locate many pro-choice pages and engage others on their as well, seeking to persuade them by the truth of the gospel. You can keep up with the work we are accomplishing at the local abortion clinic, and the various ways we are engaging the culture or assisting those in need by accessing our local abolitionist society’s facebook page. More info can be located on the Abolish Human Abortion facebook page as well.


Letters & Emails have been sent out to a number of surrounding churches in the Norman area. We certainly understand how some forms of communication aren’t necessarily reliable. Certain forms of communication do not guarantee the message is being seen by the individual the message was sent to. People can accidentally delete the message or email, throw away a suspicious letter sent from a person they do not immediately recognize, and so on, but our hope is that by providing this information to our city we will hear back from people who are in fact interested in helping abolish this evil. So far we have attempted to reach out to 25 churches in the city of Norman in order to organize a larger opposition against abortion with other Christians in our community, but have only received a response from 1 church so far.

What follows is the message that was emailed and mailed to the aforementioned churches in the Norman area:

“Following in the footsteps of previous abolitionists, our local abolitionist society strives to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into conflict with the prevailing secular ideas of our time. The culture around us participates in many dehumanizing evils, the most odious of which is the practice of child sacrifice, abortion. It is the destruction of the most innocent and defenseless. We see clear, scriptural imperatives throughout God’s word to be a voice for the voiceless, to stand up for those being oppressed, to do justice and to love mercy, to plead the cause of the widow and the orphan, and to look after them in their time of distress. For many years now, the church of our Lord Jesus Christ has turned a blind eye to the oppression of preborn neighbors. For many years we have called genocide a political and social issue, opting to only take notice of the sufferings of our brothers and sisters once every four years at the ballot box. We have “healed” the wounds of His people lightly saying “peace, peace,” when there is no peace. We have passed by on the other side of the road and kept to our own “callings”, while the very neighbor we are commanded to love and care for perishes.

One of the important ways we combat abortion in our culture is by being present at our local abortion clinic here in Norman. We’ve taken notice how often high school aged girls visit our local abortuary. Unfortunately, by the time we see them at the clinic, they have already done so much to convince themselves they are making the right decision, rarely do they turn back from their path of destruction. We have since made efforts to cut the destruction off at the frontlines by taking the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to Norman High School, and speaking with them about what God requires of them. Our “Project Frontlines” seeks to bring radical Christian ideas into bold conflict with the evil of abortion. We refute lies that our culture promotes, and expose deceptions about abortion students have accepted without questioning the validity thereof.

Brother, if abortion is not a problem for Christ’s holy church to combat, then I do not know who it is a problem for. We are to take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead, expose them. We are searching in earnest for groups of believers who will be a voice for the voiceless in Norman. We would like to work alongside your congregation towards the abolition of this, the greatest evil of our age. It would be a tremendous blessing to discuss in further detail with you how we might be able to work together in an effort to abolish abortion.

For additional information regarding the work of abolitionists in your area, you can look up Abolitionist Society of Norman on Facebook, or visit the following websites:

You are welcome to contact me by email or telephone. Both can be found below.”

Also, we sent each church a copy of the YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO pamphlet that was distributed among students and parents at local high schools during Project Frontlines. We haven’t heard back from any of these churches except for one and would love hearing from you and organizing our efforts together in the community of Norman.


Many hours have been spent organizing efforts, and telling others about abolitionism and the gospel over the phone and through text message. Many have had conversations with friends and family, as well as others who showed initial opposition toward our work, and in many cases, people have changed their mind and agreed with us about abolitionism and abortion.


Shop for groceries at your local store and infiltrate the culture with Abolitionism by placing drop cards all over the
place. This has been a great way to correct misinformation in the culture, and spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cards can include information dealing with the RAPE EXCEPTION (Two card examples), the ignorance of pro-choice slogans, (example), even s brief summary of the gospel (Example). There are many others to choose from, and anyone can drop these all over the place.


Visible shirtIn the city of Norman, just like many others across the world, abolitionists will wear shirts, wristbands, hoodies, etc. with the AHA symbol they have purchased at As a result, abolitionists get approached by others about the symbol, and are asked what the symbol means. This is a great and very simple way to infiltrate the culture with abolitionism and the gospel. Abolitionists have engaged others using the propaganda we have been able create and facilitate in the following venues:





This Handbill was distributed at “As One Church” in Oklahoma City, as well as local parking lots in the Norman community

as one church handbill

Abolitionist preaching at Winter Jam in Oklahoma City

You can also find abolitionists from Norman engaging the culture around them with the truth about abortion and the love of Christ at OKC Thunder Games, The MLK Parade, OU Football Games, and on the Campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Thunder game abolitionists       March MLK ASO

RedWhite      PFL Jeremy Russ Toby




Many of the women who walk into the abortion clinic in the town of Norman are of high school age. By going to local high schools, our local abolitionist society made efforts to reach out to students long before they choose the path of death and destruction. We provided students, parents and faculty a booklet addressing misinformation regarding abortion, what God has done through Chris
t to save them, and how they can now live a life of faith, pleasing God and walking according to His commands. Some Christian students joined us in our efforts to engage their fellow classmates, and great conversations took place, resulting in many people being convinced they needed to examine themselves in light of what God requHoff Norman Highires, and whether or not they themselves have supported a way of life (abortion) that is contrary to His commands.


CHURCH REPENT in Warr Acres, OK is located very close to the abortion clinic in their city. Their church has great resources at its disposal to take on the evil of abortion in their city, and many people who attend lifechurch hold a private, pro-life opinion, but little to no action has been taking place to bring about repentance from abortion in their region, and, in fact, efforts to take on thchurch salt & lightis sinful giant called abortion have been discouraged by church-goers, and the leaders of in Warr Acres. After many attempts to organize efforts, and assist to do what they ought to do about abortion to no avail, several abolitionists from Abolitionist society of Norman visited for numerous weeks, seeking to address the apathy of the church about the murder of children taking place within just miles of their meeting place. Some responded well to conversations, many did not, but all were exposed to the evil taking place in the very community they call their home. See for additional information.

bunch of people







This whole world is God’s world and must be understood and sung about in light of Christ’s Kingship. We believe our highest songs of theology should directly contact the most nitty-gritty, ugly issues of our day. Because this is what our God has done for us: the height of perfection and beauty became dust so that we might know and understand and fellowship with Him.


As Abolitionists, we want to help lead the charge in writing heaven-and-earth-bridging songs for the church. One of those songs is the new Abolitionist version of O Holy Night. Few people are aware of the history behind this famous Christmas song. The hymn, written in 1847 at the heart of the anti-slavery controversy, was an Abolitionist hymn which issued a clarion call for emancipation in its third verse. It was originally written in French, but was then translated to English by the Unitarian Transcendentalist John Sullivan Dwight who altered the Christology of the original. An abolitionist for our local society has retranslated this song to be true to its original meaning and intent. He has also added a verse capturing the original spirit of the hymn, but applying it to the present abortion controversy, highlighting how Christ was recognized as the Messiah from before His birth as well as how He was an “unplanned pregnancy” like so many children who become victims of abortion.



Several conferences have been held in order to teach others about abolitionism, abortion in our nation, and the necessity of repentance. As a result of these conferences, many individuals have started a local abolitionist society in their own town. Whether its dealing with the Rape Exception, or launching the Church Repent Project, these conferences have also included action being taken by abolitionists in the culture around them.

Outrage! Abolitionist lecture             Alan and meeting










There is currently a building in our town where people will take their children, and pay a person to kill their child, because if they keep the child their life will become very complicated, cost money, get in the way of their career, and they will not be able to continue practicing sexual immorality the way they would prefer. Women may also be influenced by their parents or friends to go do so for a number of reasons, but they may fail to truly consider their own actions as they ought to. Whatever reason it may be, it is destruction of the image of God, and an attack on God’s purpose for His creation. God deserves to be glorified by a life lived in obedience to His commands, and abortion destroys life created to glorify God, and leads to all sorts of individuals living the rest of their lives seeking justification in their own minds for the murder they have paid another to commit. Child sacrifice takes place in our own city, as a paid murder for hire, LARRY BURNS, sheds the blood of the innocent while the church in our city remains in large measure silent, as can be evidenced by the overall lack of presence at the clinic by the church, and articles such as this one. We are commanded to hold people back from the slaughter, and teach Christ’s commandments, which would certainly include teaching others not to murder. We have been able to assist women in our area we have met at abortion clinics, providing clothes, diapers, food, etc to those who are in need of help to support their child. We have seen people turn back from murdering their child directly as a result of being faithful to obey God’s commands in this way.

Larry Burns Toby                  No mommy ever has to murder her baby

No person is limited to talking with others about abolition/abolitionism utilizing only these aforementioned formats. Many other avenues can be accessed to tell others of the good news of God’s kingdom, how we are to live as Christians, and what we can do to bring about the abolition of abortion.


Does CCFI really “…make sure every boy and girl in our community grows up safe”?

On the about page of the CCFI website, the first sentence you will read is, “Our goal? To make sure every boy and girl in our community grows up safe, nurtured, and loved – so their future, and ours, is a future we can all be proud of.”  The Abolitionist Society of Norman believes this goal has been compromised.

For the past three years, the Abolitionist Society of Norman has been proclaiming the truth of the Gospel in front of the local abortion facility which is owned and operated by Larry Burns and his wife Debby.  Earlier this year, we learned that Debby Burns was on the board of CCFI and the Burns are one of CCFI’s “Champion donors”, which CCFI describes as “individuals who have made commitments of $1,000 or more per year for at least five years.”

During this same time period between 2005-2014, Larry and Debby Burns also murdered some 19,000 children.

Debby Burns is listed as a board member on the 20102011, and 2012 CCFI annual reports and (until recently) on the CCFI website. The Burns have been listed as Champion Donors on the annual reports from 2009 through 2012. This demonstrates nearly ten years of consistent support. How can an organization which claims to “make sure every boy and girl in our community grows up safe, nurtured, and loved” accept large, regular donations from people that slaughter these same boys and girls? Why would a compassionate, pro-child organization appoint one of these killers to a leadership position?  In the what-we-do section of their web page, CCFI states, “Our focus has always been to ensure that all children have safe, secure, nurturing environments and caring adults in their lives” (italics in original).  This is a well-meaning statement, but it is either false or hypocritical.  Larry and Debby Burns operate a business which kills children. They then turn around and donate some of the profits to an organization that ostensibly wants to protect children. There is nothing safe, nurturing, or caring about this business, yet CCFI accepts their money and influence with open arms. Clearly, either CCFI doesn’t mean all children or they don’t mind the cognitive dissonance. This is the hypocrisy and inconsistency of our culture of death.

The problem runs even deeper.  Many local churches donate to CCFI, including Journey Church, First Christian Church, NorthHaven Church, and Wildwood Community Church (as shown in the 2012 annual report).  CCFI’s inconsistency and association with abortionists reflects negatively on these churches.  Why would Christians donate to an organization that readily accepted influence from child killers?  Not to mention other local churches like Trinity Baptist Church who have partnered with CCFI in community outreach programs like the I Love My Neighborhood block party. (The Abolitionist Society of Norman informed Trinity Baptist of CCFI’s partnership with the Burns prior to the event.  Instead of ceasing their affiliation, TBC decided to assist CCFI in their cover-up)

You may say, “This doesn’t concern me, I have no ties to CCFI or the abortion clinic!”  The problem is that there are several large organizations (including several government entities) that support CCFI.  In fact, on the 2012 CCFI annual report, the City of Norman and the State Department of Health were top funders.  This means that a portion of your taxes are being funneled to support a hypocritical organization.

So what is the big deal?  For many of us, it’s nothing new that the government and individuals support abortion, or that wicked people support charities in an effort to mask their true nature.  We abolitionists want to expose hypocrisy and wake people up to what’s going on around them.  We want everyone to understand that giving money to non-profit organizations and social justice “professionals” to do the work that we as a community (especially the Church) ought to do out of love for our neighbor is often an ineffective way to help vulnerable members of society.  As we’ve shown, many of our local businesses, churches, individuals, and institutions enthusiastically support an organization that aids “families who have experienced abuse, neglect, and/or other traumatic experiences” while concurrently working with people who perpetrate abuses and traumatic experiences against women and children.

We are not opposed to groups who legitimately assist abused and neglected members of society.  That is a primary goal of the Abolitionist Society of Norman.  We are opposed to organizations that are mired in hypocrisy, cover ups, and the destruction of the image of God.  Please consider how your money is given and hold accountable those to whom you give it.  To not do so is irresponsible at best.

See the video and text explanations below:

On Tuesday July 15th, the Abolitionist Society of Norman stood outside of CCFI with signs alerting the people to the relationship between CCFI and the blood money which flows from the killing of innocent Children at Larry Burns’s Abortion Mill. There we handed out hundreds of pamphlets included the text written above.

CCFI Pamphlet

Back of CCFI Pamphlet

Here is Toby Harmon with an important message to members of Trinity Baptist Church about the relationship between TBC and the pro-abortion group Center for Children and Families.